iDog - Listens to Music, Dances with Rhythm, Sings Songs


For the first 10 iDogs' keepers, a cord which connect your iDog to your music player will be included as a free gift!! You can feed your lovely pet with music instantly!

Ever think of having a pet listen to music with you? This is no longer a dream! iDog not only listen music with you, it also dances with rhythm as well as compose song. This is the latest hot release by SEGA.

When you place it in front of speakers or plugging it into a headphone of any hand-held music player, its face lights up and it moves its head and ears. It is the loveliest speaker as well. There are 7 LED lights in different colors on its face which flash with strength of rhythm. It is compatible with most portable music devices such as Discman, iPod, or Rio MP3 players.

* Music player in the picture is for
demonstration purpose only

iDog can sense your touch - when you touch it at different part of its body, it tells you it is happy or not. The LED lights also express its emotion. Its face can sense light so when it is playing music, you shade its face with your hand then the rhythm will change. It composes and plays wonderful music in different mood. iDog can remember up to 70 songs. Feed it with sounds when it is hungry! It loves any sort of sounds.

It is the best pet which knows music this well. All it needs is only 3 AAA batteries. Let it be your best company in your music world.

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HKD 390 / pcs
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